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DCSL Family-Friendly Chess Tournament

We held our first Family-Friendly Chess Tournament at Dulwich College Seoul on Saturday 17 June. It was open to family members, as well as students and teachers. Ages ranged from 5 to 50+.

The event was the brainchild of one of our Year 6 students, Jocelyn. From her initial suggestions and ongoing reminders, promotion, poster design and her work on the day itself, Jocelyn exemplified what we aim to achieve with our students. She showed imagination, persistence and a sense of responsibility. Jocelyn has previously very ably represented the school at KAIAC chess tournaments and she felt we should also offer a more friendly community event to encourage interest. Her plan worked wonderfully and we had a great day. It was such a success that we are planning to have more next year as well as attending the three more formal KAIAC events. Keep an eye on Newsletters next year for further events. Everyone played well but the players below deserve extra congratulations for coming out on top against tough competition.

  • Primary girls: First Place - Jocelyn (Year 6); Second Place - Maya (Year 5); Third Place - Ava (Year 4)
  • Primary boys: First Place - Ander (Year 3); Second Place - Justin (Year 6); Third Place - Leonardo (Year 6)
  • Senior students: First Place - Jason (Year 8); Second Place - Anthony (Year 7); Third Place - Gabriel (Year 7)
  • Adults: First Place - Mr Gabellich; Second Place - Mr Salt; Third Place - Mr Goodrich

The Most Valuable Player award goes to Jocelyn in Year 6 for creating the tournament. It would not have taken place without her. Also, in addition to being the highest placed Primary girl, Jocelyn was the second highest scoring student in all divisions (ignoring Key Stage and gender) and the best overall player in Primary. She was also placed ahead of 5 of the 8 adult players.

Mr David Gormley
Head of Additional Educational Needs 


Korean Studies - Educational Trips and Fun Projects


During Korean Studies this term, Year 4 and Year 5 students had an educational trip to the National Palace Museum, Sejong Story Museum and the National Folk Village. At the National Palace Museum, Year 5 students observed traditional inventions during the Joseon Dynasty and explored the museums that explain Sejong’s influence on the country. Year 4 students went to the National Folk Village to observe traditional daily life and made traditional musical instruments. The students also really enjoyed watching the farmers dance and later on watched a dynamic equestrian show which showed the defense tactics in the olden days. It was a great opportunity for the students to go outside of school and learn further about their cultural topics throughout this term. 

Year 3 and Year 6 had special projects at Dulwich College Seoul. Korean Studies and the Art Department collaborated to create a crafting session for the students. Earlier in the term, Year 6 drew four gracious plants using ink brushes and calligraphy pens in order to experience the way of cultivating one’s mind.

Last week and this week, Year 3 students experienced the process of making traditional paper (Hanji), and it came out beautifully!


Please enjoy watching the Year 4 and Year 5 trip videos that the students made.

Year 4: 

Year 5:


Ms Jude Lee
Korean Studies and Language Teacher 



Last Year, Ella and Gwyneth were recognised in the school for taking action. The girls decided not to have birthday parties and instead donated the money to help some less fortunate children in Mongolia gain access to education.

Using the funds that would have otherwise gone to having birthday parties, to provide education has become an annual tradition for the girls and will continue every year. Both girls have set up scholarships called the Hopeful Ella and Fly High with Gwyneth funds that provided tuition this year to two Mongolian students named Sara and Toopsynbayar. This year the girls have been corresponding with the students and we have been updated on their incredible progress. Attached are some pictures of the students participating in a Korean speaking competition in which they were highly awarded.

Their scholarships also made a donation to the Love North Korean Children organisation by giving up one Christmas gift from their list.

Well done, once again, for taking action girls!

Mr Jamie McNamara
Deputy Head of Primary (Curriculum)




Ashley (Y6), Ella (Y6) and Gwyneth (Y5) participated in an Art related workshop on 7 October 2016.

The purpose of the workshop was to help understand the differences and similarities between the two divided Koreas.

Eight North Korean refugee students from Haesol Career Preparatory School, nine 1-5 Design Lab students, three Dulwich College Seoul students, and four design directors joined the workshop. Each student brought in two pictures that represent North and South Korea. Each of the participants talked about why they picked the images they had chosen and why it was important to them. At that point everyone shared their opinion on the images shown. The participants learned a lot about each other. It was a valuable time for all involved. For the final work, the students extracted keywords on unification and collaborated and created a collage that represents 'unification'.

In the end the entire project took one year and was a Finalist in the Social Impact category for IDEA 2017 (one of the 3 most recognised design awards in the world). All three Dulwich students worked collaboratively with the high school or college level design students at the workshop. They were active, they spoke their thoughts out loud, were kind and welcoming to North Korean refugees, and were creatively energetic when they were collaborating on a mural collage at the end of the workshop.

What an achievement. Well done, Ashley, Ella and Gwyneth for once again, taking action - we are proud of you!

Mr Jamie McNamara
Deputy Head of Primary (Curriculum) 


Cricket with Mike Gatting

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

A boyhood hero of mine was in school on Thursday. They say you should never meet your heroes but I am pleased to report ex-England cricket captain, Mike Gatting, did not disappoint at all during his day in Seoul supporting cricket at our school. We enjoyed cricket in PE classes and then sessions in the afternoon with volunteers wishing to learn about the game. Mike really enjoyed seeing our students trying out the game in which he made his name and career, and gave us every encouragement to pursue our ambition of being a hub for youth cricket in Seoul.

Mike was travelling with Sam Yang who delivered a series of motivational seminars for parents, students and staff. Everyone was impressed by his messages about the eight characteristics of successful people, and I know the summer schools held in the UK, USA and Canada will prove attractive to Dulwich students in the future.

With my very best wishes,

Mr Graeme Salt 


Upcoming Events

Friday 23 June

  • Last Day of the School Year

Monday 26 June – Wednesday 16 August

  • Summer Holiday

Wednesday 5 July

  • IB Diploma Results Issued

Wednesday 16 August

  • New Families Orientation Day

Thursday 17 August

  • First Day of the 2017-18 School Year



IGCSE Results 2016 for Dulwich College Seoul


IB Results 2016 for Dulwich College International Schools  

Please click on the image below for enlarged viewing:  



The Dulwich Lab

The Dulwich Lab refers to the research and development taking place across the Dulwich network. As an online publication, the Dulwich Lab will publish some of the research being undertaken across the Dulwich College International schools. The Dulwich Lab will be published quarterly and provides an opportunity for staff to share their innovative methods and research experiences with colleagues across the network and other professionals in their field.

Many staff members on our Dulwich College International campuses have been engaged in action research and the Dulwich Lab Research and Development Quarterly highlights a handful of these research projects. Action research is the most powerful form of professional development, helping to promote self-reflection, to stimulate ideas and to develop shared best practice, and all of this, of course, finds expression in an improved learning experience for our students.

The Dulwich Lab publication can be accessed at the following link:


Diversity - Paul Jarman


It was with great pleasure that we welcomed the well-known Australian Composer and Choral Director, Paul Jarman, to Dulwich College Seoul last week on 1-2 June 2017.

He spent two days working with our students leading up to a fun assembly performance last Friday. Our Junior Choir members in Year 3 and Year 4 had the pleasure of working on The Captain’s Tale, one of Paul’s songs about ghostly pirates and other nautical themes. The Choir members from Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed singing Icarus, retelling the Greek Myth of Icarus who was given the freedom to fly with wings of wax and feathers. The students then combined to perform a traditional Australian song and dance from the Aboriginal tribe close to Paul’s home town. Having only two days to learn the songs, I feel the students did especially well in their performances.

Paul also gave lessons to Year 5 and to several Senior School music students. The Year 5 classes played several fun musical games, and learnt a song in an Aboriginal dialect from one of the islands above the Northern Territories. Paul also brought in several of his own instruments from around the world, including a Chinese Reed Flute and several different sizes of Irish Whistles. The students showed a great interest in these as well as Paul’s career playing them on soundtracks of various famous films.

Paul’s daughter, Ruby, also came to Dulwich College Seoul. She was an amazing musician herself and helped her father run the classes/rehearsals. She was particularly good at the more complicated rhythm and action games that the students had the opportunity to try. Paul also asked me to mention the accompanying skills of our very own Ms Hyewon Park. He was very impressed with her pianistic abilities and the way she adapted to each new game and piece without additional rehearsals.

On behalf of the College, I would like to thank Paul and Ruby for their visit.

Mr James Pickering
Head of Music 

  • 66%
    Students were graded A-A* at IGCSE
  • 1st
    Independent Award Centre in Korea for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award 
  • 40+
    Different nationalities are represented in our diverse student body
  • 100+
    Matches played last year by our sports teams 
  • 6 Sinbanpo-ro 15-gil, Seocho-gu
  • Seoul, Korea 06504



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